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vintage exchange!

vintage exchange
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Vintage FSOT
a place to Buy, Sell, and Trade your vintage digs.

Tired of your old dress? Need new shoes? Looking to trade your totally sweet mink coat that doesn't fit for something that does? Or do you just want to chat it up about vintage living, and neat places to buy vintage things?
You can do it all.. right here!

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1. NO advertising EBAY auctions, NO ONE wants to be spammed in every single community with ebay ADs! Violators will be banned.

2. Please use tags for your entries, (i.e. "for sale" or "trade" or "ISO") this will help people navigate the community.

3. Play nice, dont scam people. is that so much to ask? I can not be held responsible if you someone pulls a quick one, but PLEASE let me know ASAP, so they can be banned and reported.

4. If you are selling more than one item, please, list them all in ONE POST. multi posting in one day will be considered SPAM, and deleted.

5. Lets have fun and keep it fun for everyone!

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Moderated by your friendly neighborhood exquisite_bones

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